Export Honey

Mt Lyford Honey Ltd is a trusted honey exporter with our honey going all over New Zealand and around the world for over 26 years. The Honey Hunter allows us to produce pure New Zealand raw honey and our honey retains the unique mountain flavour specific to our beautiful location.

We have full certification and authority to export with the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industry. All our honey is tested and certified at a government-registered laboratory. We ask for the following tests for all our Manuka Honey:

Ministry for Primary Industries 5-Attribute Test or 3-in-One Test to determine whether the honey is Monofloral Manuka or Multifloral Manuka and to determine the MGO and DHA levels in the honey.

C4 Sugar Test to prove our honey is not contaminated with artificial sugar (many beekeepers feed refined sugar to their bees – we prefer our bees forage naturally).

Moisture Test to determine the level of moisture in the honey is 20% or less, otherwise the honey will ferment and no longer be suitable for use.

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Bulk Honey ‐ Drums or Packaged

Bulk honey is usually exported in drums weighing around 300kg each. The buyer packs and labels the honey in the country of destination. Packaged honey is where we supply fully packaged and labelled honey in quantities of your choice. We have authority to export both packaged honey and bulk honey in drums. With over 26 years experience in honey exporting, we are happy to give you all the advice and help you need.

Please contact us for further information if you are interested in exporting our honey.

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Honey Packing

Honey packingWe have our own fully certified packing facilities onsite so we can package and export your honey with full traceability to the hive.

Our machinery is provided by our sister company, Beetech Engineering Limited. Beetech is world famous for its apiary equipment, including the Beetech Honeysucker Honey Extractor. For all your apiary equipment needs, you can find Beetech here.

Our stainless steel packing facility is regularly monitored by AsureQuality as part of our Risk Management Programme to ensure strict compliance with government regulations and food safety standards.

Please contact us for more information if you would like us to take care of all your honey packing needs.

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