Heavenly honeyOur Heavenly Honey

Our unique style of beekeeping makes all the difference to the taste and consistency of our honey.

Our bees are lovingly tended all year round. We breed our own queen bees to ensure bloodline purity and breeding capability. The honey season begins in the warm Spring weather when the bees start buzzing.

Our beehives stay in the same place all year round, giving us happier, healthier bees. Our honey is harvested on-site by our own special innovative methods. We also have our own packaging facilities on-site which helps make each container of honey clearly traceable to its source.

With rigorous quality control, we strive to protect our apiaries from pesticides and cross-contamination to ensure purity and maintain the superiority of our honey.

The Honey Hunter

Conventional honey harvesting methods became a huge discussion topic for Mt Lyford Honey. We wondered why the honey industry is dedicated to taking the hives away for harvesting, especially when farmers don’t take the hay to the hay baling machine – they take the hay baling machine to the hay! We thought there must be a better way to take honey harvesting to the next level, and why not take the harvester to the hives! The Honey Hunter was then developed using the very best technology developed by Beetech Engineering Limited. The Honey Hunter is an effective industry leader, totally opposite to conventional beekeeping methods.

The Honey Hunter is our specially designed fully automated miniaturized mobile honey extraction facility. The facility comprises stainless steel and meets all health and safety requirements. The advantage of using the Honey Hunter means we are able to extract directly from the beehives and removes the need for moving beehives to extract elsewhere.

Our unique way of extracting honey results in healthy happy bees – up to 50% of bees can die where hives are removed offsite when bees become confused and lost and cannot return to the hive. The Honey Hunter also removes the risk of contamination and disease. When our beehives stay in the same place and are not removed offsite for extraction, there is no risk of dust, dirt, or debris from contaminating the hives or the honey, resulting in cleaner, purer honey.

The pros of using our Honey Hunter compared to traditional beekeeping methods:

  •   Healthy bees – our gentle approach results in little disruption to the beehives
  •   Happy bees – no loss in bee population
  •   Time saving – removes the need for double handling of bee boxes
  •   Better quality – proven to be cleaner and more pure tasting honey
  •   Total traceability – right to the hive
  •   The way of the future!

The cons of the Honey Hunter are:

  •  Nonexistent!