Creamed Manuka Honey

Delightfully decadent. Our New Zealand Manuka Creamed Honey is highly prized for its unique properties such as dietary Methylglyoxal (MGO). Tested and certified as 100% Pure Manuka Honey in a New Zealand Government approved laboratory for your peace of mind. Our Creamed Manuka honey is sourced from the aromatic blossoms that flourish in our pristine mountain ranges. The naturally wild strength of the Manuka tree is reflected in the taste and quality of in this rare honey. The distinctive aroma and gentle golden tones mingle with delicate herbal notes for a delightful buttery finish. Made by nature to tantalize your taste buds.

Price: $20.00 Save $2.00

Also known as spun, whipped, or churned honey, creamed honey is slowly and gently mixed over a period of time to break up natural sugar crystals that gradually form in raw Manuka honey. The creaming method makes the honey more easily spreadable while remaining 100% natural. Creamed honey also ripens over time like a fine wine and maintains its smooth creamy texture. Made by nature to tantalize your taste buds.

*Not suitable for diabetics or children under 12 months.