Happy Hives Sponsorhip Programme

Bee on FlowerOur bees are part of our family. Our uniqueness allows us to blend our lives with our hardworking honeybees and pass the experience on to future generations. You and your chosen school can be involved in sponsoring a bee colony and experience beekeeping in action by being part of the “Happy Hives” programme.

As part of our Happy Hives sponsorship programme we can:

  • Paint a beehive to your unique colours using environmentally friendly paint.
  • Write your specified name on the beehive.
  • Give you live footage via through blue tooth of your bee family hive each time we interact with the hive, whether it be cleaning, checking the bees, or harvesting honey.
  • Give you a free delivery of fresh honey directly from your hive when harvesting honey from your sponsored hive.

Contact us now for more information on how to sponsor a hive and become part of our Happy Hives family!