100% Pure New Zealand Honey


Honey with a Difference

Welcome to Mt Lyford Honey, the home of heavenly honey. We designed a whole new system of unique technology to harvest more pure aromatic honey. With this innovation we harvest our honey directly at the beehives, giving us happier and healthier bees.

The unique mountain flavour specific to our alpine location is found in all our honey, giving you a luxury honey experience in flavour and aroma.
As a result of harvesting our honey directly beside our beehives, on permanent sites, our honey has:

Total traceability
Superior taste and flavour
Quality control
Great company

Whether you’re looking for delicious, natural honey, or a more ethical beekeeping operation to source your honey from, Mt Lyford Honey has you covered.


Our Honey

Ours is no ordinary honey

Our unique style of beekeeping makes all the difference to the taste and consistency of our honey.

Sponsor a Hive

Our bees are part of our family. Our uniqueness allows us to blend our lives with our hardworking honeybees and pass the experience on to future generations. You and your chosen school can be involved in sponsoring a bee colony and experience beekeeping in action by being part of the “Happy Hives” programme.

Honey Smoker